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THE CLOUDS REST WALL is an installation art that improves an abandoned public wall; the 150-meter-long wall has been peeled off after being painted a long time ago; the lower flower bed is also abandoned and damaged.


The CLOUD SEEDS, which have a cross-sectional shape like a pinwheel, constantly rotate at various speeds and draw various images of the sky on the wall. at every moment. The CLOUD SEEDS create hundreds or thousands of combinations of sky and clouds by the wind or by the hands of people who pass through this place.

The CLOUD SEEDS are made of aluminum for lightweight and durability. The cross-sectional shape governs the structural loads, public safety, and easiness of operation. In collaboration with structural engineers, vertical and wind load, frictional force, and aerodynamics were reviewed; finally, a frame with the minimum structural and visual burden on the existing wall was devised. The steel frame for fixing modules is installed in line with the joint of the wall. While threading CLOUDS SEEDS, steel rods are connected to the horizontal bar and are joined together to the L-shaped angle, which is then fixed to the retaining wall to support the total weight of the assembly.


Conducting 1:1 mock-up tests several times in the fabrication lab with a 3D printer and a CNC machine not only allowed us to reduce manufacturing errors but also allowed for prompt pre-assembly in the factory. Mass production and painting in the neighboring factories also accelerated the fabrication process. Each module is finished with PVDF coating to realize various colors and increase heat, cold, and abrasion resistance.


THE CLOUDS REST WALL is completed with photos of the sky collected with the participation of citizens, it allows those who took the photos to stay for a while and touch the Cloud Seeds. The scenery of the sky created by various colors of Cloud Seeds becomes another inspiration for those who come and go to this place every day.

CLOUD SEEDS have different colors on all three sides; the colors are extracted from the photos of skies taken by citizens and converted into 8 PANTONE colors. On top of that, short messages or corresponding information about the colors were inscribed.

ⓒ임윤식, 윤대원

ⓒ서울, 25부작; 운영단

구름이 머무는 담장


2021 MCST-Seoul Public Art Project 『25 Episodes of Seoul;』 Winner
2021 KOREA DESIGN AWARD | Finalist

서울시-문체부 공공미술 프로젝트 『서울, 25부작;』 선정작

2021 대한민국공공디자인대상 최종후보

Public Art for An Abandoned Public Wall
Co-Host | the Seoul Metropolitan Government and MCST
Administration | Urban Design Division, Jongno-Gu
Location | Jongno-Gu, Seoul, South Korea
Completion | 2021
Structural Engineer | Eun Structural Engineering
Material | Fluororesin Coating on Extruded Aluminum Module, Galvanized Steel Frame, Stainless Steel Accessories
Dimensions |  35m(W) X 2m(H)   

주최 | 서울특별시, 문화체육관광부
주관 | 종로구 도시디자인과
재료 | 압출 알루미늄 모듈 위 불소수지 도장, 아연도금 스틸 프레임, 스테인레스 스틸 부속품
규격|가로 35m X 세로 2m  
제작년도| 2021년    
사진 | 권보준 작가 ︎  |  www.bojune.com

어제의 하늘, 무슨 색이었나요? 오늘의 구름 어떤 모양인가요?

『구름이 머무는 담장 』은 북악산에 걸려 있는 구름의 이미지에서 영감을 받아 계획된 작품으로, 약 4,500개의 알루미늄 유닛을 활용하여 다양한 하늘의 모습을 경기상업고등학교의 담장에 투영하는 설치 미술이다. 구름씨앗이라고 이름 지어진 개별 유닛들의 집합은 멀리서 보면 하나의 하늘 풍경으로 보이지만, 가까이 다가가면 각각 매일의 하늘에 대한 기억이 담겨 있다. <구름이 머무는 담장>은 시민들의 참여로 수집된 하늘의 사진, 그 사진을 찍은 이의 시선과 기억, 잠시 머물며 작품을 만지는 사람들의 손길, 거기서 생겨나는 추억들로 완성된다. 다양한 색깔의 구름씨앗들이 만들어내는 하늘의 풍경은 이 길을 매일 오가는 사람들에게 또 다른 영감이 된다.


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