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Koreans living in divided nation cannot take off their tomorrow from unification of nation. In terms of light as environment, we seek the method daylight can contribute to the unification of the Korea.
The new wall would not only function as barrier for the time being, but also inspire Korean possibility of its disappearance.

DMZ(The Korean Demilitarized Zone) is a strip of land running across the Korean Peninsula that serves as a buffer zone between North and South Korea. The existing military demarcation line is made of barbed wire-entanglement, which is unnecessary as citizen cannot access around here. Therefore the boundary is not physical barrier, but psychological one for Koreans off which they are eager to blow. In this regard, we suggest more flexible architectural boundary in which we can express this wish.

The sun rises and falls every day. In this way, nucleus in a module obtaing energy from the sun emits heat, warming the air in the module as well as accumulates the rest of energy every day. Thus, the module rises up into the sky making shadow. After the sunset, the nucleus stops emitting heat, starting to illuminate by the accumulated energy.

Light and Shadow made by this process serve as new barrier stimulating us to think about the meaning of boundary. As if cloud can be gone, we hope that the line across the Korean Peninsula would be erased in the near future.

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