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The building group neighboring in the Hyehwa subway station is filled with the largest size of crowed, signaling the start of exploration in Daehakro. However, between the building group and the subway station, only a single route exists, with resemblance with maps of Daehakro with limited set of information. And, the section shows that there is no connection between the two areas excluding exits. Hence I attempted to create spaces with variations by “editing” existing spaces into new spaces. Red color is to indicate circulation pattern.

The model is created to effectively visualize the sequence of the site, which was reconstituted with ten revised plans. Plans printed on OHP film were placed in line, combined among frames and thus viewers are able to view ten plans at a glance. Such is similar to reconstituting Daehakro by combining maps with limited information. Eventually, the scene gives clear information on the edited site.

The reconstituted space will provide routes to exit through various experiences, other than the patternized route consisted of "platform- stairs - ticket - barrier - exit." The space that was once considered as a simple passage transformed into a cultural space attracting cultural events.
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