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This project investigates on the analysis of relationships between various mechanics influencing the formation of the geyser. I would like to underline that this energetic and momentary activity originated from plate tectonics that is invisible as well as unrecognizable. The crustal movement resulted in the upheaval of magma chambers, and seismic activities caused cracks and faults. Time within 30,000 years allowed all the events to be combined, and turned into geyser having 30 minutes cycle.  

Underground water seeping through cracks and faults is collected in a permeable layer of rock formations that allow the creation of a reservoir. The magma chamber which is four kilometers below the surface of the earth conducts heat through an impermeable layer that lies between the magma and the permeable layer. Because heat produces water expansion, the entrapped underground water turns into steam when it meets the heat generating the high pressure that produces the geysers. As a result, slender and lengthy channel which stretches about two kilometers in length ends up containing full of steam in itself that generating very high pressure bringing about forceful eruptions that manifest themselves at approximately 30 minutes intervals.

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