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This project investigates how Instagram changes the way people interact with others. Traditional way for communication is to meet in person and make conversation with others, gazing into the face. Real space where people could intercommunicate is necessary for the way, and people can share feelings in that space using their five senses. However, the advent of Instagram, new type of social networking platform aiming at photo-sharing, allows individuals to contact to each other with only image. Although the application makes people not to use their other senses excepting the vision, it accelerates the interaction of people and still use the place as a medium. 

Instagram constantly creates a huge number of disembodied eyes staring physical places. The eyes produce numerous flattened images of physical spaces by means of a mobile apparatus. And then, the images are uploaded in the online space with hashtag to interact with people out there. The information of pixel, which is transformed from physical space, spreads to the world and creates a connection with people who are interested in the same space. At the moment of connection, those who live at a distance could share same vision of the specific location, and then disperse to make another interaction.  


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