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Newly created boundary
In the midst of rapid urbanization, “Seonjeong-neoung” was categorized into cultural heritage and excluded from urban development plan and remained as a low-density area. The urban space, already being saturated, penetrated into the low-density areas, and the boundary what set the park apart from the urban space with "line" turned into a boundary with “area.” Currently, a public parking lot and an information center are taking the space. This project aims to fill the space with resting space and cultural venues for performing arts.

Interlocking Citypark
A continuous plate, surrounding two theaters to connect the urban area and the park will fill the gap measuring twenty meters. The facility consisted of a large theater and a small theater connects the moment before and after performances through a variety of passages. And these facilities buried in ground will be new entrance of the park and remain to play its supporting role to give spotlight to the park, not revealing itself.

Culture-filled boundary
Between the urban space and Seonjeong-neoung park, the space will be packed with spaces created through combination of natural landscape and artificial construction. The spaces started with a single passage will continue to create various events. Entrance into underground cultural venue starts from both the urban space and Seonjeongneoung. The flow from the entrance into different levels will eventually meet at the main area with performing venues, seamlessly connecting the urban area and Seonjeongneoung Park.