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“What does it mean that one possesses a house comparing to others who don’t ?”

To make better urban environment, we focused on the people alienated from our urban environment, called SDF (fr. Sans Domicle Fixe : without fixed domicile). Many of them live in the tent along Canal St. Martin. Their living situation is so poor and we grieved their death on the street. They are no longer particular examples of life in the city – in France there are about 100,000 SDF and 3,500,000 peoples in danger of becoming homeless.

When investigated the system of urban society about housing, we conclude that just absence of the address for SDF or little tolerance that permits their living and house as housing unit consisting the city is the main problem and it leads vicious circle : no house, no address ; no address, no bank account ; no bank account, no job ; no job, no money ; no money, no house.

By providing a postbox and giving them an address, this small reform will be our keen interest to the homeless people and way of community with other layers of society member. Until now the address is given to the fixed housing unit, most of which spend surplus space and energy, it means non-ecological. We hope that this tolerance admission will maintain their non-sedentary life and change our way of thinking about housing.

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