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3X3; 3 Wings X 3 Courtyards

The new facility is a bio-health startup incubator and a wellness center, taking advantage of natural environment, startup culture and proximity to medical research centers such as at the University of Jyvaskyla. As an alternative suggestion for how the town could prosper, the building provides the town with a new identity with economic value along with the transition from lumber processing to technology/information industry. The new facility complements the Town Hall by accommodating additional amenities including a restaurant, spa, and spacious courtyard for activities, potentially subsidizing the Town Hall with an income from the wellness center. The employment and resource supply will contribute to local economy. This new center teaches visitors for D.I.Y. activities and experiments.

Three wings of building are comprised of residency, food- nutrition
lab, spa and sauna, and bio-health startup incubator. The form of
the building is carefully calibrated considering of daylight conditions.
Inspired by the Town Hall, three different courtyards accommodate
various functions: a large social gathering space, an outdoor space for
startup, and a service and logistics. The Mono-pitched roof of southern wing minimizes the shadow on the central courtyard and a snow load during the winter, while the higher southern glazing façade allows abundant natural light permeating deep into program spaces.
The building is primarily constructed by same red bricks as the Town
Hall, bio-health startup consists of exposed timber structure and glass
facade. The transparent wall reveals vibrant interior scenes of the biohealth incubator, creating a welcoming gesture. The glass of food-nutrition lab also allows openness and visibility. The food-nutrition lab
highlights the sequence of process for cooking and serving in a linear
open kitchen. The spa and sauna are primarily made of brick walls to
secure the privacy.

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